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Понедельник, 12.04.2021
About the Development of the Psychoanalytical Society of Kazakhstan

In February 2001, Dr. Hegai L.A., a psychoanalyst from the Institute of Psychoanalysis (Moscow) came to Almaty for the first time. He had an audience of about 30 people. He briefly read «The History and theory of psychoanalysis», and then familiarized us with the «Techniques and practice of psychoanalysis.» He brought to us some syllabi, programs, and books. This seminar was a completely new phenomenon for us, and we can say that he surprised us. Some people started to study at that Institute of Psychoanalysis (IP, Moscow) as correspondence students for 2 years. By now many students from Kazakhstan have graduated from the IP: Abduali Mamedil, Konstantin Kolobov, Nina Ramm, Oksana Zhdanovich, Gaukhar Mussina, Horlan Tlegenova, Bakhytzhan Zhanybekov, Oksana Gulak, Gulzhan Amangeldinova, Svetlana Kudiyarova and Anna Kudiyarova. With the help of Hegay Lev, psychoanalysts from Moscow began to come to Almaty. It was some kind of theoretical studying. Many of our teachers later became members of IPA: Nina Assanova, Lola Komarova, Vladimir Tsapov.

Our seminars that we have had here in Kazakhstan:

1. Hegai Lev, a member of the International Association of Analytical Psychology, an yungian analyst, he has read «The history and theory of psychoanalysis» (2001), «Techniques and practice of psychoanalysis» (2002, 2003), «Basic of yungian analysis» (2005), «Role of the complexes» (2007), «Development of the concept of free associations» (2008).

2. The director of the Institute of Psychoanalysis (Moscow), professor Zimovets Sergey presented the seminar «Psychoanalytical consultation».

3. The vice-director of IP (Moscow), a member of the IPA Asanova Nina familiarized us with «Psychoanalytical concepts of development» (2002), and «Child Psychoanalysis» (2005, 2006), «Psychoanalytical consultation and therapy» (2007).

4. Senior lecturer of the Institute of Imaginative psychotherapy of Goettingen (Germany), Zalessky Dmitry delivered lectures on «Psychoanalytical Diagnostics» (2002, 2003), and «The Young Approach to Narcissistic Frustration» (2004).

5. A lecturer at Moscow State University, Raevsky Stanislav has brought us into the world of group psychotherapy (2003).

6. A member of the IPA Komarova Lola (January, 2003) held a course on «Theories of Object Relations.

7. A well-known sexologist, psychiatrist, and professor of IP and at the University of Rotterdam (Holland) from Russia, Poleev Alexander came 3 times and delivered lectures on the «Basics of Sexul Disorders» and «Urgent Psychological Aid».

8. The President of the Association of Group Analysis from St. Petersburg, Pazhiltsev Iliya began the first group analytical courses at our Institute (2004).

9. Dr. Stufkens Antonius, our teacher from Holland, a member, and a training analyst of IPA taught a clinical seminar «On the first interviews» in September, 2004.

10. Dr. Harold Stern, psychoanalyst from Philadelphia lectured us on «The Modern Psychoanalysis» (2005).

11. We invited (May, 2006) our teachers, members and supervisors of IPA Lilo Plashkes from Israel and Leena Klokars from Finland with the topic «The Children’s Sexual Development».

12. Vladimir Tsapov, the member of IPA from St. Petersburg taught a seminar «Introduction to the Psychoanalytical Psychotherapy» in August 2006, «Groupanalysis: theory and practice» (2007-2008), «Basic of psychoanalytical techniques» (2008).

13. Dr Alicia Leisse de Lustgarten (IPA, ILAP, Venezuela) visited Almaty in September 2007 with the seminar «Narcissism».

14. We invited a teacher from Amsterdam Simon van der Spek, supervising member of IPA, who was bright with «Indications and counterindications to analysis» (June, 2007, June, 2008).

15. Ans van Blokland member of IPA (Netherlands) gave the seminars «Trauma» (May, 2007), «Shame and Guilt» (May, 2008).

16. Norbert Shatillon, member of IPA (Paris) introduced twice «The differences and similarities between Freudian and Jungian approaches» (February, 2008, June, 2009).

17. We invited Fabienne Fillion, member of IPA and Therry Colis from Paris (November 2007, February 2008). They gave us the seminar on «Analytical frame and anxiety».

18. First time we listen to ideas on «How to work with psychotics» given by Tomas Migues, member of IPA from Portugal (2008).

19. The seminars of Manuel Martinez, member of IPA from Spain «Psychosexual stages of development», «The traps of countertransference» were very interesting because of many exercises (December, 2008, May, September, 2009).

20. It was very new to hear from Robin Deutsch (IPSO president at that time) and Edmund Levin, members of IPA (USA) about «The American relational theory» and «Psychoanalytic treatment of the severe disturbed children and adolescence». (2009, May).

21. The First Summer School of Psychoanalysis in Kazakhstan was organized in August, 2009 in cooperation with Siberian Psychoanalytic Association. There were 45 attendees, 1 teacher from abroad — Wies Bloumius, member of IPA (Amsterdam, Netherlands) and 6 local teachers.

22. Martin Mahler, a teaching and supervising analyst of IPA from Prague, Chechia, gave the seminar «Oedipal configuration». (December 2009).

23. The Second Summer School of Psychoanalysis in Kazakhstan was organized in August, 2010 in cooperation with EFPP (European Federation of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy). We hosted 4 teachers from Europe: Anna-Marie Schloesser, a teaching and supervising analyst of IPA (Germany), Gila Ofer and Gabriela Mann (Israel), Athena Chatioulis (Greece). There were 40 attendees (psychologists, psychiatrists, medical doctors, teachers) from many cities Almaty, Astana, Shymkent, Karaganda (Kazakhstan), Byshkek (Kyrgyzstan), Irkutsk (Russia).

Since 2002, we have been holding lectures, seminars, and training sessions on «Introduction to Psychoanalysis» in the Kazakh language. In 2003 & 2004 Anna Kudiyarova was invited to the Kazakh State University to deliver a lecture on Psychoanalysis for teachers and professors of pedagogy and psychology first in the Kazakh language. We are working at translating the basic concepts of Psychoanalysis into the Kazakh language, and we are also working on the creation of a dictionary. We have published the «ABC of Psychoanalysis» in Kazakh. We translate Patrick Casement’s (London) 4 books «Learning from the Patient», «Further Learning from the Patient», «Learning from our Mistakes», «Learning from the life». We also have plans to publish a manual on Psychoanalysis in the Kazakh language, and translate the basic works of Freud into the Kazakh language. There were about 600 — 700 people at our above courses on psychoanalysis in Almaty for the last 10 years. In Almaty, there are about 20-30 professionals who are actively engaged in psychoanalytically focused psychotherapy and psychoanalysis. We follow the IPA standards.

2002 — Anna Kudiyarova was at the summer school of PIEE in Bulgaria as the first representative of Kazakhstan.

2003 — Anna Kudiyarova, Konstantin Kolobov Terentieva Irina — the summer school in Kiev.

2004 — Anna, Victor, Shamshyrak, Saltanat — summer school in Kiev.

2006 — Anna, Nina, Gulzhan, Eugeny, Zubaida, Saltanat participated at the summer school of IPA in Croatia where we met two presidents of IPA Claudio Eizirik and of EFP — Evelin Seshou.

2007 — Nina, Gaukhar, Saltanat, Horlan attended the summer school in Odessa.

2008 — Gaukhar, Oksana, Horlan attended the summer school in Odessa.

2009 — nobody was allowed.

2010 — just Anna Kudiyarova as a candidate of the PIEE/IPA.

2009, 2010 — Gulzhan Amangeldinova went to the IPA Child Summer School in Slovenia.

February 2008 — We have organized the KazIPSO conference. The participants were enjoyed and asked to repeat such an event in the future.

2009 — our society became an associative member of Adult section of EFPP.

2010 — our society became an associative member of Group section of EFPP. The Kazakhstan Psychoanalytic Association consists of 6 members and 16 candidates. At present, we have the open public meetings of our group every Friday evening. We discuss theoretical concepts or articles from the founders of psychoanalysis — S. Freud, A. Freud, M. Klein, etc. — we interpret someone’s dreams, discuss various cases, and try to carry out intervisions. All people are invited; we would like to present psychoanalysis to Kazakhstan.